About us

Sidimec stands out in the production sector of high-quality metal furnishings by combining structural strength with design.

At the core of our company’s DNA, we find artisanship and technological innovation that enable us to create unique pieces satisfying contemporary aesthetics and practical customer needs. Advanced metal processing techniques ensure not only an attractive appearance but also superior durability and robustness.

Our product range includes indoor and outdoor furnishings characterized by clean lines, high-quality raw materials, and meticulous attention to detail. Sidimec is committed to providing furnishing solutions that blend beauty and functionality, adapting to the needs of contemporary spaces without compromising the solidity and longevity of the products.


Dynamism and
at the Forefront

Resilience and teamwork are fundamental to our success.

Made in Italy

We are committed to represent Italian excellence in everything that we do.

Craft Innovation

We believe tradition and technological evolution go hand in hand. We have always been able to merge craftsmanship with the latest innovations to offer unparalleled quality and design.


Efficiency is our mantra. We respect deadlines and planning without taking them for granted.


Thanks to our experience and solid relationships built over time with local stakeholders, we can provide real-time solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction.

The company

Ulderico Simione, aka “Cicco”, thanks to his passions for innovative design and the structural challenges of metallic materials, founded the company in 1983.
The core business focuses on producing a wide range of metal furnishings, primarily chairs but also tables and other components for various contexts such as offices, bathrooms, conference rooms, schools, hospitals, public and private premises. Each model is tailor-made, following the technical drawings provided by the client.



Craftsmanship is at the heart of the production process: custom tube processing is one of the company's strengths, allowing for personalized solutions tailored to every need, thanks to the indispensable contribution of technological innovation.



With over 40 years of experience in the industry, the company has established itself in the market with a strictly "Made in Italy" production. The reputation is based on quality, precision, and efficiency, with impeccable speed in deliveries.



The company offers custom components and items, ensuring the choice of premium materials that guarantee durability and reliability over time. Finishes, available in the catalogue, are meticulously detailed, while rigorous quality control, conducted internally by specialized personnel, ensures high standards before delivery to customers.

The main markets include Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, the Netherlands, and the Scandinavian countries among the top, but the rest of Europe also represents a significant share of business activities. This geographical spread testifies to the trust and satisfaction of customers who have appreciated the quality and attention to detail of Sidimec products across the continent.

The founder

Il fondatore - Sidimec

«My path to success is filled with passion, determination, steadfastness, and the right amount of humility».

Born and raised in Zurich, Ulderico Simione, known as Cicco, spent his early years immersing himself in an educational environment that stimulated his creativity and ingenuity. From a young age, he distinguished himself for his determination and talent in creatively solving problems.

His journey into the metal furnishing sector began as a passionate adventure. At a very young age, he demonstrated great skills, becoming responsible for key departments, such as presses and masks, for the foreign division of a major company in the sector. These experiences honed his expertise and fuelled his passion for technical drawing and production processes.

Endowed with an extraordinary business intuition and acute market trends insight, he soon embarked on the entrepreneurial path. His mission was clear: to ensure operational efficiency and maximum customer satisfaction. His success was not only the result of his individual commitment but also of his ability to build solid relationships with stakeholders. He wove a network of collaborations and partnerships, advancing innovative, creative, and high-quality solutions. His determination to address supply and service challenges led him to create a solid network of trusted suppliers, ensuring the coherence and excellence of the products offered.

In this journey, he received recognition and awards, such as the “Treviso che Lavora” award in 1991 and awards from artisan institutions, which testified to his dedication to the sector.
However, the true strength of the founder lies in his ability to confront challenges and turn difficulties into opportunities. His philosophy is based on constant innovation, the will to overcome obstacles, and the creation of tailor-made solutions to best meet customer needs.

Where we are

Sidimec is located in Veneto, in an area that concentrates a high percentage of Italian manufacturing and where the metalworking district is located.

Via del lavoro 4, 31039 Riese PIO X, TV – IT
Via Balegante 5B,
31039 Riese PIO X,
Call us: 0423 454409 | 0423 454410
Write to us: sidimec@sidimec.it


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